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121 RESULTS FOR: All Categories / International / Aug 19, 2017 | Nov 19, 2017
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New study focuses on teeth outside of the mouth Nov 2, 2017 | News Europe

New study focuses on teeth outside of the mouth

GENEVA, Switzerland: Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) are seeking to learn why certain species of catfish are able to grow teeth outside the mouth. These catfish are covered with bony plates bristling with thin teeth that regularly fall out and then grow back. The researchers believe their results will help in understanding the mechanisms that allow the formation and regeneration of teeth in all vertebrates, including humans.

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European Commission defines scope of custom-made medical devices Oct 27, 2017 | News Europe

European Commission defines scope of custom-made medical devices

BRUSSELS, Belgium: At the request of the Fédération Européenne et Internationale des Patrons Prothésistes Dentaires (FEPPD;European and international federation of dental laboratory owners and dental technicians), the European Commission has defined the scope of custom-made medical devices. According to the FEPPD, CAD/CAM technologies have enabled dentists to produce certain dental prostheses, creating unfair competition for laboratories and technicians.

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EDDY cleans canals safely and effectively Oct 20, 2017 | Business Europe

EDDY cleans canals safely and effectively

MUNICH, Germany: More than two years in everyday practice and study results have proven that the EDDY sonic-activated irrigation tip by VDW cleans even severely curved root canals safely and effectively.

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A work of art Oct 18, 2017 | Business Europe

A work of art

Dr Marcel Kolouch has been an orthodontist for seven years and works at the Forumklinik Dr. Tegtmeier & Partner practice in Neuss in Germany. Even during his training period as an assistant, he found himself noticing flaws in the individual treatment units, be it torn tubes or exposed wires. While training as a consultant, he worked in a practice that owned several ORTHORA units from MIKRONA. Dental Tribune Online interviewed him at this year’s European Orthodontic Society congress in Montreux ...

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