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73 RESULTS FOR: All Categories / International / Apr 21, 2017 | Jul 21, 2017
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American dentist still practicing at 93 Jun 27, 2017 | News Americas

American dentist still practicing at 93

EVANSVILLE, Ind., USA: Dr. Wilbur K. Manchette is probably one of the most passionate, dedicated and experienced dentists in his field. Even though the 93-year-old could be enjoying retirement, he is not considering ending his career at the All In The Family Dental practice in Evansville any time soon.

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US agency reinstates rule on amalgam management Jun 22, 2017 | News Americas

US agency reinstates rule on amalgam management

WASHINGTON, USA: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a final rule on the management of dental amalgam discharges into sewer systems. The regulation closely follows the American Dental Association’s (ADA) best management practices and will come into effect as of July 14, with compliance for most dentists set for July 14, 2020.

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Each treatment is like a puzzle Jun 10, 2017 | Business Europe

Each treatment is like a puzzle

I have been an orthodontist for almost four years and now work with my father in our orthodontic practice. I enjoy the challenge of giving our patients both a beautiful smile and good masticatory function without restrictions. Each treatment is like a puzzle and various steps must be arranged to ensure the best possible treatment result for our patients. When I look at the happy faces of my patients when they see their beautiful “new” teeth, it makes me happy too because aesthetics plays ...

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Oral hygiene in orthodontics Jun 8, 2017 | Business Europe

Oral hygiene in orthodontics

KRIENS, Switzerland: During orthodontic treatment, many patients seek advice on how to clean their braces effectively and gently. Since ordinary toothbrushes and interdental brushes are not suitable for orthodontic appliances, Swiss oral care provider Curaden, under its CURAPROX brand, is now offering the new Ortho Kit. This specialised kit contains the CS ortho ultra soft toothbrush, the CS 1009 single brush, the CPS 07, CPS 14 and CPS 18 interdental brushes, and ortho wax. The Ortho Kit is a perfectly ...

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