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Convergent Dental's Solea is a computer-aided dental laser that can safely work on soft, hard and osseous tissue thanks to its unique wavelength and high-quality design. (Photograph: Convergent Dental)
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Solea—A laser able to cut hard and soft tissue with a single setting

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BOSTON, USA: Convergent Dental is the developer of the revolutionary Solea, the world’s first computer-aided dental laser cleared by the CE to cut hard, soft and osseous tissue. A two-time winner of the Gold Edison Award for innovation and development, Solea is an isotopic carbon dioxide laser that is unlike any other, carbon dioxide or otherwise. Its unique wavelength allows dentists to remove caries, prepare cavities and remove soft tissue virtually anesthesia-free, safely, effectively and with unparalleled ease. It gives dentists the ability to practice dentistry mostly without the use of a drill and with all the associated benefits, including increased productivity.

Diode lasers have been used on soft tissue, but are extremely slow and cause carbonization due to the heat of the fiber and cannot cut hard tissue. Erbium lasers are designed for use with hard and soft tissue, as their wavelengths have high absorption by water and relatively low absorption by hydroxyapatite. Native carbon dioxide lasers have been used only for soft-tissue procedures, as the wavelength is highly absorbed by water.

Solea employs an oxygen-18 isotope and other modifications to emit a wavelength of 9.3 µm, matching the peak absorption of hydroxyapatite (enamel) and achieving high absorption by water (soft tissue), thus making it ideal for cutting hard and soft tissue. By vaporizing enamel, Solea enables faster cutting and smoother margins than erbium lasers, which vaporize water within the tooth and chip the enamel away. Fixing and repairing broken, decayed or otherwise damaged teeth has never been easier than with Solea.

“With a unique ability to work on soft, hard and osseous tissue with ease, combined with an intuitive and user-friendly design, Solea is representative of what Convergent Dental stands for: innovation, quality and ease of use,” said CEO Michael Cataldo.

Innovative and intuitive technology
“The science and technology behind Solea is simply unmatched by any other dental laser, and its intuitive, user-friendly design ensures that dentists can adapt to the system with ease,” said Solea user Dr. Andrew Spector—and it is difficult to disagree with him. The laser system has three handpieces: the Contra-Angle, Straight and Ultraguide. The first two are designed for more straightforward hard- and soft-tissue procedures, while the hollow waveguide attachments of the third assist in cutting soft tissue and accessing periodontal pockets. Each handpiece is made of stainless steel and designed to feel natural and lightweight when in operation, allowing for maximal freedom of movement.

Inside the handpiece, mirrors manipulate the laser beam up to thousands of times per second, enabling the perfect pattern for whichever type of tissue—enamel, dentin, bone or soft tissue—is being cut. These patterns vary in their diameter from 0.25 to 1.25 mm, a feature unique to Solea, allowing for the selection of an appropriate spot size dependent on the procedure. The movement of the mirrors inside the handpiece is facilitated by galvanometers, computer-controlled motors specifically engineered for the speed, precision and versatility that Solea provides.

A laser unlike any other
Uniquely, Solea comes with a rheostat foot pedal, allowing for easy transition from a drill owing to their similarity in operation. The laser’s foot pedal is remarkably intuitive: press harder on the pedal to cut harder tissue and softer to cut softer tissue; there is rarely a need to stop and change settings. With the ability to adjust Solea’s pulse repetition rate from 1 to 2,000 Hz, moving between hard and soft tissue is easily achieved and productivity is bound to increase.

Owing to its adaptability and ease of use, Solea helps make dental procedures more efficient and pleasant for dentists and patients alike. Feedback from dentists who have used Solea indicates that 95 percent of their hard- and soft-tissue cases were successfully performed without requiring anesthesia. When a dentist can reliably eliminate a drill, a needle and loud noises, he or she can reduce patients’ anxiety levels. Furthermore, with this system, a carious lesion discovered during a routine checkup can be treated in the same visit, saving time for both the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Michael Kelly has used Solea for over two years now to great success, with his practice’s patients more than doubling in that time. “Patients love the Solea experience,” remarked Kelly. “For 23 years, patients have told me they hate shots, hate being numb and hate the sound and vibration of the drill. Now I have a way to eliminate most of those!”

Easy to use, maximum performance
Solea can be operated with confidence after one day of training owing to its intuitive, user-friendly design. However, Convergent Dental is committed to excellent customer service well beyond the point of purchase, offering exceptional training and support alongside an extensive selection of online courseware available both before and after the initial training. Solea users gain exclusive access to the soleadoctors.com website, an online resource with technique-related tips, additional training materials, and a facility for sharing case studies and collaborating with other Solea-using dentists.

As the manufacturer of the premier dental laser system, Convergent Dental remains focused on harnessing the potential of Solea. Software updates are released on a regular basis to extend its technological capabilities, helping make the laser faster and more precise than ever.

Convergent Dental will be proudly displaying Solea at the 2017 International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. It will be located at Booth 50 of the U.S. Pavilion in Hall 2.2 and warmly invites dental professionals to a demonstration of the Solea laser. Contact Convergent Dental today at SOLEAIDSDT@CONVERGENTDENTAL.COM.

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