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MIGMA 200 is a quality alginate mixer for bubble-free and homogeneous impression material. (Photograph: Dental Tribune International)
0 Comments Mar 6, 2017 | Business Europe

Mixing by hand? Get the MIGMA

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ZURICH, Switzerland: In many practices, the orthodontist still mixes the impression compound by hand. The manual procedure, however, is not only time-consuming, but also produces inconsistent quality of the impression compound with bubbles, and often the proportions are wrong. Many orthodontists have chosen the MIGMA 200 by Swiss dental company MIKRONA as the best mixing device on the market.

The universal mixing unit has become a classic for impression taking. With it, the impression compound is bubble-free and homogeneous. Moreover, it is quick: mixing of alginate and water takes 10–12 seconds. In addition to the table top model, orthodontists can opt for the MIGMA integrated into the table. According to CEO Fabio Fagagnini, “our MIGMA 200 is the essential device for highly precise impressions. In a matter of seconds, you have a homogeneous, bubble-free impression material.”

And maintenance of the MIGMA is also easy. MIKRONA or the dental dealer can respond quickly, provide simple rental or replacement equipment, and offer related services. The life cycle of the MIGMA is around 15–20 years, with regular maintenance. “In Switzerland, we think very pragmatically. Good maintenance guarantees a long life. And if you want to have a precise, high-quality and hygienically perfect impression material, the MIGMA is the obvious choice,” said Fagagnini.

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