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Rinsing made easy: the EndoUltra cordless device facilitates intra-canal irrigant activation and thereby improves treatment outcomes, according to European distributor MICRO-MEGA. (Photograph: MICRO-MEGA)
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MICRO-MEGA introduces cordless ultrasonic activator for endodontic rinsing

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BESANÇON, France: Endodontic company MICRO-MEGA has begun distributing the EndoUltra cordless ultrasonic activator, produced by an American company, on the European market. According to MICRO-MEGA, the handheld device enhances cleansing of difficult root anatomy and thereby improves treatment outcomes of endodontic therapy.

Areas such as isthmuses and lateral canals are often difficult to reach. Consequently, a proportion of the root canal surface may remain untouched by hand or rotary instruments during mechanical preparation. In addition, the smear layer generated by mechanical instrumentation can plug the dentinal tubules’ openings, increasing the risk of infection and the subsequent need for retreatment. Therefore, final rinsing with an irrigant is important both for complete debridement and for chemical disinfection.

According to the French company, the EndoUltra device has been specifically designed for intra-canal activation of the irrigant during the final rinse. It uses ultrasonic technology at a frequency of 40 kHz to disrupt biofilm, remove plugs from tubules, improve penetration of the irrigating solution and reduce the bacterial level through sonochemistry.

The EndoUltra by MICRO-MEGA kit was officially launched yesterday and will be available throughout Europe. Other regions will follow once registration has been completed, a company representative told Dental Tribune Online.

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