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According to news reports, a Hawaiian girl was given too many sedatives and anesthesia during a dental procedure. She may have suffered severe brain damage as a result. (Photo: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock)
Dec 18, 2013 | News Americas

Girl suffers brain damage after dental procedure

by Dental Tribune International

KAILUA, Hawaii, USA: As reported by Hawaii News Now, a local online news portal, a dentist in Hawaii allegedly gave a three-year-old girl excessive anesthesia and sedatives, which damaged her brain severely. The child’s family has started an online fundraiser to cover medical expenses.

On December 3, during a pediatric dental procedure, the girl went into respiratory and cardiac arrest owing to an overdose, according to the online newspaper. As a result, she suffered immense brain damage and is currently being taken care of at an intensive-care unit in Honolulu.

Since the girl is young and still growing, doctors have informed her family that long-term care may hold the possibility of improvement. Therefore, her parents created a donation Web site via Fundly, a crowd-funding Web site for online fundraising, to save their daughter’s life. To date, they have collected over $23,500.

According to Hawaii News Now, the parents are planning to file suit against the dentist.

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