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Mouth•Mate aims to improve oral hygiene and healing after common dental procedures. (Photograph: Armor Dental)
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New patented dental aid now available through Henry Schein and ACE Surgical

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HINGHAM, Mass./CHICAGO, USA: Earlier this year, Armor Dental introduced Mouth•Mate, the world’s first patented dental healing aid device for patients who have undergone oral surgery or other dental procedures to brush their teeth without disturbing the surgical site. The company has announced that the device, which aims to improve oral hygiene, will be distributed by Henry Schein Dental and ACE Surgical.

Mouth•Mate was designed to decrease complications, improve healing, and protect dental wounds and chronic mouth sores. It can be used to assist the patient with oral hygiene after implant treatment, bone grafting, soft-tissue grafting and tooth extractions. The oral care product can also help facilitate brushing for orthodontic patients.

The device, which comes in four adjustable soft tips of different sizes and shapes that are used to cover or retract the oral wound area, can be held with one hand as the patient brushes with a conventional manual or electric toothbrush with the other hand.

According to the manufacturer, a recent in-office trial demonstrated that patients often felt nervous to brush near an oral wound for the first few days after surgery and found using Mouth•Mate on the third day improved comfort and healing.

Mouth•Mate is Armor Dental’s first product line and is manufactured in the U.S. It was launched in the U.S. market at Yankee Dental Congress in January 2017. The product will be available through additional distributors in the near future.

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