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With seemingly no limits to the division on the Trump presidency, the dental world has been pulled into the debate with a full-page letter written by Ultradent founder Dr. Dan Fischer calling on Americans to turn their backs on the billionaire. (Image: Marina Linchevska/Shutterstock)
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Controversy regarding Trump presidency spills over into dental industry

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, USA: CEO and founder of Ultradent Dr. Dan Fischer has written an open letter calling on Americans to turn their backs on the Trump presidency. In response to Trump’s reaction to the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 and 13, the full-page letter in USA TODAY has now caused the already maxed-out political turmoil to spill over into the dental industry.

In his opening sentence, Fischer wrote: “As the founder and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., a proud American manufacturer that employs over 1,400 Americans and exports 65% of what we manufacture, I feel it is my duty and obligation to make my voice heard."

Pointing to Ultradent’s core company values of “integrity, quality, care, innovation and hard work” as guiding his leadership of the company, Fischer felt compelled to voice his disapproval at what he describes as an “out of control” Trump, going as far to say “should I ever find myself in the presence of Donald Trump, I will literally turn my back to him.”

This heart-on-sleeve call to action from Fisher has not been met with open arms from all corners of dentistry, with some loyal Trump supporters who work in the industry suggesting via Facebook that Americans and dentists turn their backs on Ultradent products. This was however rebutted by individuals suggesting they triple their supplies to counter any revolt.

In the letter, now published on turnyourbacks.org, a site hosted by Fisher, he concludes by writing: “For those of you who support this person or who don’t feel comfortable that it is correct to ‘turn your back,’ you too are my fellow Americans, and I equally defend your right to freedom of speech. Do as your conscience dictates.”

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