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MS Swiss Tiara, one of the vessels of the Regis Hotel Ship fleet. Founded in 1982, the floating hotels have quickly established themselves as a luxurious alternative to typical hotel accommodation. (Photograph: Regis Hotel Ships)
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Cologne ahoy! Hotel ships make IDS week a floating experience

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COLOGNE, GERMANY: Enjoying a cruise experience while working during one of the dental industry’s busiest weeks? What sounds like an impossibility is made a reality on the Regis Hotel Ships. Founded in 1982, the floating hotels have quickly become a luxurious alternative to the typical business hotel accommodation and are a popular refuge among dental companies and their staff during the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Regis Hotelschiff Managing Director Regis Buhren told Dental Tribune Online.

Anchored only a stone’s throw from the IDS venue on the Rhine, the ships are equipped like luxury hotels, offering first-class restaurants and often even wellness zones and fitness facilities. The three- to five-star-rated vessels can be either charted exclusively by companies for a particular event or individually booked per cabin like any other hotel.

Since Regis began offering accommodation during IDS 12 years ago, many dental companies have become regular guests, Buhren told Dental Tribune Online. “We have a lot of full-charter clients, many of whom have been with us from the beginning.”

According to Buhren, most companies appreciate the modern amenities and especially the fact that overnight accommodation, meeting rooms and event venues are all condensed into one place. Owing to this unique arrangement, the ships’ facilities are extensively used for corporate and evening activities. “During IDS, for example, usually a lot of events are hosted directly on the ships,” Buhren said.

In fact, the floating hotels have become so popular that, this year, the company has found it difficult to secure enough berths for its 15 fully booked ships that will be operating during IDS. “We will be located at the Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer and the Leystapel opposite the fairgrounds; however, some ships will probably have to go further into the port, because there is insufficient mooring and parts of the quayside cannot be used at the moment,” Buhren said.

Apart from IDS, the hotel ships can be booked during all major trade shows in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hanover. More information is available at www.regis-hotelschiff.com.

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