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Winners of the World Oral Health Day Student Awards. (Photograph: FDI, Switzerland)
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“Say ahh” revealed as 2018–2020 campaign theme for WOHD

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MADRID, Spain: The FDI has launched the 2018–2020 World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign at the 2017 World Dental Congress by announcing the theme that will lead it over the next three years: “Say ahh”. The campaign, designed with yearly sub-themes, builds on the message delivered in previous years (notably in 2017 with “Live mouth smart” and in 2016 with “Healthy mouth. Healthy body.”) and seeks to create a lasting impression under a unifying message.

In 2018, “Say ahh: Think mouth, think health” will focus on increasing oral health literacy. In 2019, “Say ahh: Act on mouth health” will amplify awareness of the burden of poor oral health. In 2020, “Say ahh: Unite for mouth health” will promote positive action.

World Oral Health Day 2017 student awards
The campaign launch was also an opportunity to present the winners of the WOHD 2017 student awards, with certificates of recognition for their outstanding celebration of WOHD. In collaboration with the International Association of Dental Students, their activities were considered in each of the four award categories and this year’s winners were:

Best Branded Photo: Tasnim Nakdali Kassab on behalf of the Valencian Association of Dental Students. On the main square, students mounted several information stands (each with individual health sciences themes, including dentistry), promoted oral health messages, provided free dental check-ups and organised games for children.

Most Original Activity: Aya Zain on behalf of the Sudanese Association of Dental Students. In the lead-up to WOHD, the association organised training of dental students, visits to schools with games and awareness-raising activities, free dental check-ups, a marathon under the “Live mouth smart” theme, and a party on 20 March.

Best Media Campaign: Anas Miqdad on behalf of the Palestinian Association of Dental Students. They had information points set up for the public, free dental check-ups, students visiting schools and clinics, and major social media and media outreach campaigns to raise awareness in the lead-up to WOHD.

Most Educational Activity: Hosam Eldeen Tarek Abdel Mageed on behalf of the Dental Students’ Scientific Association of Egypt. Spanning several weeks, the association organised multiple events across the country and reached over 10,000 participants through national oral health campaigns and visits to schools, nurseries, orphanages, children’s hospitals, universities and malls.

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