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Crest & Oral-B Middle East Team at the first Up To Date Scientific Exchange Seminar in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sep 3, 2013 | News Middle East

The Up-To-Date series of educational events starts in the Middle-East

by Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The event was held at the Millennium Hotel in Abu Dhabi and was sponsored by Crest and Oral-B and organized by CAPP. The two lecture event received accreditation by Health Authority Abu Dhabi and the American Dental Association for 2 CE credit points.

Friday, 30 August 2013, saw the official launch in the Middle East of the very popular series of Up-To-Date educational events supported by Crest and Oral-B. Nearly 200 people attended the program and those included were dental practitioners, dental hygienists and dental assistants all of whom play an important role towards the oral health of our community. Two excellent speakers namely Ms. Victoria Wilson from UK and Dr. Carine Tabarani from Lebanon updated the audience on the importance of oral health and prevention.

The program included a welcoming reception, two lectures on oral hygiene prevention, a lucky draw and a delegate dinner. The evening began with an introduction by the Chair of the Scientific Committee Dr. Ninette Banday, Head of Dental Services at SEHA–Ambulatory Healthcare Services Co. Dr. Ninette provided an inspiring speech on the importance of oral hygiene prevention. She reminded the audience that cavities or dental caries is a "Silent killer disease and to a large extent is preventable with good oral hygiene and regular dental checks and care. The health of our teeth and mouth are linked to our overall health and well-being. The ability to chew and swallow our food is essential for obtaining the nutrients we need for good health”.

Dr. Ashhad Kazi, Consultant for Professional & Academic Relations in the Arabian Peninsula for Crest and Oral-B explained the vision behind the Up-To-Date scientific exchange events, which are very well established courses in Europe. Quoting Dr. Kazi, “Crest and Oral-B have a long history of high quality research and we want to make you aware of the significant impact that a dental professionals’ recommendation can have in a patients’ long term oral health. Oral hygiene is a topic that quite often is overlooked and not given its due importance in our daily lives and clinics, with newer oral care technologies now at our disposal, it can be a game changer in the fight for maintaining good oral health”.

Kicking off the scientific session, first to speak was Ms. Victoria Wilson, Dental Hygiene Therapist from the United Kingdom. A lively, enthusiastic and engaging speaker, Ms. Wilson titled her lecture “Dental Hygiene Prevention, are we actually doing all we can?” recapping on dental hygiene definition and informing about the need to view the patients and their needs as a whole, by also dealing with silent obstacles affecting the patients overall oral health. Further in the lecture Ms. Wilson provided tools to enhance communication and explore the expansion of clinical competence as well as further professional development avenues. Most importantly, Ms. Wilson elaborates on the usage of manual brushes versus electric toothbrushes. Highlighting her main point by using the quote: “Understanding your patients’ goals and desires is the gateway to practice success in today’s dental market. Electric brushes with an oscillating/rotating action remove plaque more effectively and studies show they reduce gingivitis when used for over 3 months. Rotation/oscillation brushes were also more effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis when compared to manual brushing.”

She also remarked that reports from literature have suggested a link between periodontal (gum) disease and cardiovascular disease. Recent studies suggest evidence that periodontal disease in pregnant women may be a significant risk factor for preterm low birth weight with some indicating that 18% of all low birth weight cases may be attributable to periodontal disease (gum disease).

The second speaker Dr. Carine Tabarani from Lebanon, Oral Surgeon at the French Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi presented the audience with a lecture on “New era of oral health management: opportunities for an optimized, evidence based management”. In her lecture, Dr. Tabarani focused on the different formulations of toothpastes that are available in the Middle Eastern market specifically detailing the benefits of the stabilized stannous and fluoride complex. She underlined “The stannous fluoride will enhance the resistance of hydroxy appatite to acid attack and make it less soluble”. Furthermore, “Sodium hexametaphosphade will help remove stains by high binding to the calcium ions of the hydroxy appatite” “Power tooth brushing is the most efficient in removing proximal marginal and lingual plaque”. 

All in all, the event summarized the importance of oral health maintenance for the whole dental team and can be seen as the start of numerous similar events to hit the region soon through the Up-To-Date course series.

The event came to a conclusion with six lucky draws sponsored by Crest and Oral-B, Dr. Ashhad Kazi awarded six lucky winners through the ticket raffle. The first three receiving the Oral-B Triumph 5000 electric toothbrush and three VIP tickets to attend the 5th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference joint event with 2nd Global Conference, American Academy of Implant Dentistry on 8-9th of November at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, UAE. After a discussion regarding what the next series of lectures should be about and what in the delegates’ opinion was needed to make them a permanent success, the evening ended with a delegate dinner giving the audience an opportunity for networking in an educational and friendly atmosphere.

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