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D500 3D Scanner

Your easy entry into CAD/CAM digital dentistry

The D500 is designed to provide powerful 3D scanning for any laboratory size and budget.
With support for impression scanning capabilities, the D500 represents one of the market's
most attractive entry-level investments.The D500 compact dental scanners are built on
3Shape's leading scanning technologies and come with the range of dental indications
provided in Dental SystemTM Standard. The D500 scanner is upgradable to
Dental System™ Premium for extending the range of available indications and widening your
business scope

Designed for productivity

3Shape’s Dental Scanners are so easy to use that extra staff training is hardly required.
Object fixation is quick, and a single click in the userfriendly software starts the scan.

  • Designed for productivity
  • Market’s most extensive suite of scan indications
  • The market’s most complete 3D scans

The market’s most complete 3D scans

2 cameras with reduced angle enables impressions, deep inlays and full undercuts to
be scanned effectively. The 3-axis motion system tilts, rotates and translates the object,
facilitating scanning from any viewpoint - more than 350 degrees of a sphere.

Market’s most extensive suite of scan indications

All standard scan indications and in addition impression scanning, post & core,
16-unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, wax-up bridges for copy milling, deep inlays,
pre-preparation model, un-sectioned model for temporaries, implant position and orientation
detection, wax-up customized abutment and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling.
The range of available indications depends on the Dental System™ version - Standard/Premium.