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creos™ allogain – bone particulate
Nobel Biocare Services AG
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creos™ allogain – bone particulate

Nobel Biocare Services AG

Wide range of options for different clinical indications and preferences

creos allo.gain offers one of the broadest assortments of allograft bone particulate types, sizes and volumes for different clinical indications, such as sinus floor elevation, socket preservation, ridge augmentation or periodontal defects. With creos allo.gain you have the flexibility to choose the appropriate particulate graft depending on patient indication or personal preference.

Mineralized/ demineralized

A unique blend of 70% mineralized and 30% demineralized cortical bone, combining the key benefits of each graft material into one product. It provides a great mix between high structural support and fast bone formation.


A natural blend of cortical and cancellous bone, produced from sections of the ilium. This process provides the stability and structure of the cortical bone while the spongious nature of cancellous bone allows for easier penetration of blood flow for revascularization of the site.

Mineralized cancellous

The porous structure of cancellous bone allows for revascularization, which is critical for the formation of new bone cells and natural tissue integration.

Mineralized cortical

This particulate offers high density and strength comparable to cortical autograft. Due to its ability to maintain space and volume, it is ideal for more demanding indications such as horizontal or vertical augmentation procedures.

Demineralized cortical

The demineralization process exposes the natural growth factors within the cortical bone. This particulate can be beneficial for indications such as socket preservation or periodontal defects where no structural support is needed.


The creos allo.gain particulate is available for purchase in the United States and Canada only.