Dentists discover their digital selves at 3Shape Discover

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Dentists discover their digital selves at 3Shape Discover

From left: Dr Austin Vetter, Dr Rune Fisker and Prof. Vygandas Rutkūnas were among the speakers of the recent 3Shape Discover virtual event. (Image: 3Shape)

Tue. 11. June 2024


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Digital dental technologies are changing daily dental practice. On 6 June, dental technology specialist 3Shape hosted 3Shape Discover, a virtual event that showcased new transformational tools and methodologies and launched the company’s new TRIOS Core intra-oral scanner. According to one of the experts who spoke at the event, digital dentistry means “the sky is the limit!”.

The best place for clinicians to keep pace with the rapid developments taking place in digital dentistry is at dedicated events like 3Shape Discover. Scores of dental professionals attended the event and gained insights into the vast opportunities presented by digital dental tools—and they could not have been in better hands. Not only has 3Shape been a leader in CAD/CAM technologies since it was founded in 2000, but the company also has extensive in-house knowledge and collaborates with experienced clinicians around the world.

Advances in intra-oral scanning with TRIOS Core

3Shape unveiled new solutions at the event, including an advanced intra-oral scanner noted for its affordability and enhanced functionality: TRIOS Core. The wired scanner is a distillation of the popular TRIOS technology to its most essential elements and is aimed at clinicians entering digital dentistry or seeking to expand their practice. Dr Rune Fisker , senior vice president for product strategy at 3Shape, explained that the artificial intelligence-powered scanner delivers on accuracy, speed and ease of use, capturing detail in realistic colours even in challenging areas.

According to Dr Fisker, intra-oral scanning (IOS) technology is fast becoming ubiquitous in dental settings; however, its widespread adoption is just the beginning. “I believe technological developments to scanners will soon transform the way we practise dentistry,” he commented.

From analogue to digital

As well as product launches, 3Shape Discover featured an educational platform where dental professionals could learn from the experts. US dentist Dr Austin Vetter shared his personal digital journey with attendees, including success stories, practical tips and strategies for leveraging IOS technology and transitioning to advanced chairside workflows.

Having purchased an established analogue dental clinic early in his career, Dr Vetter started with basic IOS technology and later implemented advanced digital workflows and 3D-printing technology. “I am an analogue-trained dentist, but I do everything 100% digitally: crowns, orthodontics, dentures, full-mouth rehabs and implants with guided surgery,” he explained, adding: “There are very few clinical situations where TRIOS is not involved.”

Dr Vetter explained that he has built his entire clinic around 3Shape’s IOS technology and that TRIOS has helped the staff enjoy their work more and enriched the patient experience.

He said: “I couldn’t even have imagined how TRIOS 3 would transform dentistry and allow me to have a practice like I have today. I had no idea about the integrations and the way that TRIOS would allow me to take this data and communicate with others across the globe. I like to think of digital dentistry as similar to being in an orchestra. It has allowed me to hear the music and feel the music. I’m able to really do anything that I want to do—the sky is the limit!”

Predictability requires quality image acquisition

Lithuanian clinician and key opinion leader Prof. Vygandas Rutkūnas spoke about how he integrates different digital tools into his daily practice to enhance implant-supported prosthetic treatments. He addressed the use of virtual planning, guided surgery and digital prosthodontics in the treatment of an extensive mandible chondrosarcoma, a complex clinical case that utilised the Total Fit workflow for fabrication and placement of a full-arch final restoration.

Prof. Rutkūnas emphasised that quality image acquisition results in a predictable workflow and complete integration of all diagnostic and treatment phases. He praised the advancements made in digital dentistry since he performed his first implant-supported restoration using the TRIOS scanner in 2013. “Considering all of the different steps of the workflow, both digital and analogue, I can conclude that full-arch restorations based on IOS data can be predictable and used on a daily basis,” he said.

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