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“Innovation is in our DNA”

Dr Rune Fisker (left) and 3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bomholt in conversation with Dental Tribune International. (Image: Robert Strehler)

COLOGNE, Germany: Innovations in dental technology drive the whole industry forward and shape both present and future practices. At IDS, Dental Tribune International had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Rune Fisker, 3Shape senior vice president for product strategy, and Jakob Just-Bomholt, 3Shape CEO, about the company’s digital solutions and its future endeavours in innovation to support dental professionals.

What do innovation and digitisation mean for 3Shape?
Dr Fisker: Our company is 23 years old, and innovation is in our DNA. It is what we are all about, which is bringing cool products to the market that really make a difference. We invest a lot in having great products not only today but also in the future.

What are some notable solutions that the company is launching at IDS?
Just-Bomholt: We are of course presenting the TRIOS 5 Wireless, our great intra-oral scanner. We are also introducing the Shape F8 laboratory scanner, the 3Shape laboratory management system and 3Shape Produce, which offers a new, easy way to send jobs to printers. Finally, we are presenting a whole range of new workflows.

What can visitors to IDS expect at your booth?
Dr Fisker: First and foremost, we will show them some great products, but they will also be able to experience an atmosphere that really embodies our passion for product development and innovation.

What does the future look like for 3Shape? What are some of the goals that the company will be working towards?
Dr Fisker: We will continue to support the dental community with leading products and will continue our efforts to have the most innovative product portfolio. A key message to our customers is that in 3Shape they have a partner with not only great products but also an open and very extensive ecosystem and they are assured of a future of 3Shape innovations.

Just-Bomholt: We are committed to innovation. We have 650 people working in R & D and are investing heavily in this area. We will continue to push new digital innovations and change the industry together.

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