New 3Shape Dental System 2019 software now available

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New 3Shape Dental System 2019 software now available

3Shape Dental System 2019 adds more features to software for laboratories. (Photograph: 3Shape)

By 3Shape

Fri. 7. June 2019


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: 3Shape has announced the release of the 2019 version of its industry-leading design software for laboratories. The new and improved 3Shape Dental System 2019 includes significantly enhanced solutions for designing and producing dentures, splints and clear aligners, as well as improvements to core workflows.

“3Shape Dental System 2019 enables labs to do what they love, creating great aesthetic and functional dental art,” said 3Shape Vice President for Product Strategy Rune Fisker. He added, “With every new 3Shape Dental System software release and as a part of our 3Shape LabCare promise, we develop stronger software with increased productivity and new opportunities for labs to expand their business and unleash their potential.”

Powerful advancements to 3Shape’s denture design software and new developments in materials and manufacturing allow for higher profit margins for laboratories when producing dentures digitally. The new features of teeth-in-blocks, optimised try-in denture workflow, and improved TRIOS integration and alignment reduce labour time, production costs and improve efficiency.

Clear Aligner Studio enables laboratories to expand their offerings with clear aligners. The new version of Clear Aligner Studio brings 20–40 per cent efficiency gains to the set-up and staging of clear aligners and includes new automated features, such as ID tagging, attachment sizing and placement.

3Shape Splint Studio enables laboratories to easily produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances with just a few clicks. It is important to note that 3Shape Splint Studio has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US.

Globally renowned certified dental technicians Przemek Seweryniak and Kate Brantvik have created a complete set of new smile libraries for 3Shape Dental System and 3Shape Smile Design. The smile libraries are based on real people’s smiles and are included in a corresponding coffee table book meant for patients and dental practices. Patients can leaf through the book and choose a desired smile. Laboratories can then create the restoration chosen from the book using the matching library in 3Shape Dental System.

Additionally, 3Shape Dental System 2019 is now up to ten times faster in starting new cases, re-opening previously designed cases, and importing and exporting material settings. The system now offers design proposals with just one click—for example, for beautiful gingivae for implant bridges. There is also a new advanced function using the patient’s real jaw motion.

Speaking about the new Dental System software, 3Shape co-founder Tais Clausen remarked, “Dental System 2019 is for labs of all sizes that want to stay ahead in a changing industry. And dentistry is indeed changing. More and more dentists want to enjoy the efficiency and improved patient experience enabled by intraoral scanners and 3D software for diagnostics and treatment. Labs can play a key role in this change because the digital dentist needs a strong digital partner—a lab they can work with to realize the full potential of today’s technologies.

“Labs are also seeking partners. Many labs work closely with expert design services, milling centers and 3D print providers to ensure that they can fulfill their customers varied demands. The open system philosophy behind Dental System will enable you to work directly and seamlessly with the industry’s strongest providers.”

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  1. Lisa Monaco says:

    I am looking for a quote on an E1 Scanner; 2 seats (1 extra seat) with Premium DS software… we want the cost for a 1, 3 and 5-year subscription.

    We also want a quote on the Form 2 3D printer

    We are a growing Dental Lab located in Chennai. We are looking for someone to supply our equipment needs as we grow.

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