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A smile makeover journey in the digital era

Dr. Jerry E. Y. Lim

A smile makeover journey in the digital era

Smile Makeovers are becoming increasingly important in dentistry today. Through the use of digital technology, the patient journey can be improved significantly. Learn how you can use digital technology to improve the experience of your patients’ Smile Makeovers.

The practice of dentistry has undergone a tremendous and rapid change in the digital arena. It has impacted dentistry at all levels. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the digital revolution has been the practice of smile makeovers. Now, the patient is able to control and follow the cosmetic changes of a treatment. Generally, the patient’s journey has become more pleasant and enjoyable due to the adoption of digital technology in various aspects of our work as dentists. As a dentist, the predictability of the final result is very important, and this is where digital technology has overcome what analog methods could not achieve in Smile Makeovers. This presentation’s objective is to share and discuss the use of digital technology from digital photography and videos, smile design and all other processes, ultimately resulting in a satisfied and happy Smile Makeover patient. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:
  1. The consultation process of a Smile Makeover patient
  2. Incorporating the Digital Smile Design process into the consultation
  3. Understanding the impact of a Trial Smile in the treatment decision and closing
  4. Interplay between Clinician and Ceramist/Smile Designer using the software
  5. Step by step clinical procedures will be shared from preparation to provisionals and final issue
  6. Demonstrate the predictability of digital dentistry in delivering an aesthetic smile makeover.

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