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Dental chair redefined—A-dec 500

The revised and updated A-dec 500 was developed with the input of dentists. (Image: A-dec)


Mon. 5. August 2019


NEWBERG, Ore., U.S.: Since its launch in 2004, the A-dec 500 has become a dental chair well known in the industry for its comfort, reliability and ease of use. Meticulous craftsmanship and smart engineering have led to its winning multiple awards. A-dec is thus pleased to announce the launch of a completely revised and updated A-dec 500.

Significant changes have been made to the upholstery design and delivery systems. While the backrest retains its stingray shape, the chair has a sleeker, more modern feel—with the technology to go along with it.

The product development team at A-dec’s headquarters in Newberg started the project by conducting a large-scale survey of dentists across North America. The survey asked them what their current dental chair—A-dec or competitor-made—was missing; what features did they wish it had and what could be improved?

The most common response, by some margin, was that their delivery system drifted while they worked and that their instruments and materials wandered out of reach during a procedure. Not only was this irksome and inefficient, but the repeated lunging and twisting movements often made by dentists to bring the delivery system back into position could cause painful musculoskeletal disorders to develop over time.

To combat this issue, A-dec has created a new type of delivery system, one that is so light and smooth that it can be moved with just one finger, though its automatic braking means that it will not even drift a centimeter. The Continental version has more flexible whip arms for improved reach and feel, while the Traditional model features an easy-to-position screen designed for any surgery.

The new and improved delivery systems also facilitate a new addition from W&H: Primea Advanced Air, the world’s first air-driven, high-speed handpiece with adjustable bur speed, combining the cutting efficiency and control of electric with the tactile feedback of air.

While the new A-dec 500 was developed with the input of dentists, the patient experience was also a clear consideration throughout its design. The chair is molded to keep the patient comfortable and secure a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. (227 kg). A rigid frame absorbs movement and optimizes stability, while a powerful hydraulic cylinder promises smooth transitions.

Installations and serviceability have also been considered. The new A-dec 500 is more robust and comes with simplified servicing, saving dentists from experiencing lengthy downtime.

With a flexible, forward-thinking design, the A-dec 500 is engineered to last.

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