A-dec – 400 Dental Stools

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A-dec – 400 Dental Stools


Iconic Durability and Comfort.

Ergonomic Tilt

The ergonomic tilt on the A-dec 400 doctor's stool helps you maintain the natural curve of your back to help reduce disc pressure and muscle strain.

Seated Adjustment

Seat height and ergonomic tilt (doctor's stool) and seat height and torso support (assistant's stool) easily adjust from the seated position.

A-dec 400 Dental Stool Features

Ergonomic tilt. Helps you maintain the natural curve of your back reducing strain and fatigue.

Large, anatomically-shaped backrest. Hugs the lower back.

Easy-to-reach levers. Allow incremental or dynamic hip angle adjustments and seat height adjustment.

Rolled edge. Helps reduce pressure on the legs and allows for proper circulation.

Two cylinder heights (A-dec 400 doctor’s stool). Measure from hips to the feet. Above 32" - choose tall cylinder. Under 32" - choose short cylinder.

Height-adjustable foot ring (A-dec 400 assistant’s stool). Helps assistant maintain correct posture.

Adjustable torso support (A-dec 400 Assistant’s stool). Easily locks in place and can be converted for left or right-handed operators.


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