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Proven results in immediacy and conical performance at bone level

The CONELOG PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant offers a state-of -the art surface, best-in-class conical connection coupled with an outer geometry geared towards immediacy. It is the system of choice for shortened treatment protocols, minimally invasive treatments and is a reliable option for challenging clinical situations.

CONELOG offer a positive mid- and long-term treatment outcome in different indications and loading modalities. High survival rate, excellent stability of hard and soft tissues plus 100% patients’ satisfaction was shown in a multicenter study in daily dental practice with follow-up controls up to 7 years.

Case reports as of market availability confirm PROGRESIVE-LINE implants’ excellent primary stability. The outer geometry allows for immediate placement and loading; the crestal anchorage thread gives implant primary stability even in patients with low residual bone heights (< 3 mm). Additional studies soon available.

Excellent bone preservation with platform switching supporting the crestal bone is important for the peri-implant long-term stability. CONELOG showed very stable conditions with integrated platform switching and even slight bone gain 5-year post loading.

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*References available upon request