Certification for Contract Manufacturers

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Certification for Contract Manufacturers


Contract manufacturers of dental implants showcase their superior quality management with the “Certified Production Quality” seal.

The Certification is awarded to contract manufacturers producing implants for various trade labels after an extensive testing process, carried out in an accredited testing laboratory. Tested before the final packaging process and brand labeling, thresholds for residue-free manufacturing of dental implants are based on the CleanImplant Consensus Guideline on the Cleanliness of Dental Implants, which has been established for many years. The “Certified Production Quality” award has to be renewed on a yearly basis.

To date, this quality seal is carried by Komet Custom Made, a division of Gebr. Brasseler GmbH&Co.KG, and the CeramTec Group. Further manufacturers are currently undergoing the testing process.

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