Trusted Quality Seal for Dental Implants

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Trusted Quality Seal for Dental Implants


The “Trusted Quality Mark” gives orientation to dentists worldwide when choosing their dental implants.

This quality mark was explicitly conceptualized as an orientation tool for dental professionals. In close collaboration with renowned universities, the Foundation coordinates worldwide quality assessment studies of dental implants and awards the "Trusted Quality Mark" to particularly clean implant types after thorough analysis in a scanning electron microscope and a strict peer-review process.

Science matters: The Scientific Advisory Board of CleanImplant defined the quality guidelines as follows:

The Foundation is controlled by a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of nine experts in the field with an excellent international reputation.

  • Five implant samples – at least two of them randomly procured by blind shopping – are examined with a Scanning Electron Microscope in officially accredited testing laboratories.
  • The implant surface measured in the SEM from shoulder to apex at a 120-degree angle of view must show less than ten foreign particles like remnants of plastic, each of these particles not exceeding 50 μm in diameter.
  • The clinical documentation of the tested implant system must prove a survival rate of at least 95 percent over a period of more than two years.
  • The Quality seal is valid for two years and must then be renewed.

The comprehensive 20-pages guideline and consensus document with a determination of thresholds for foreign materials was published in 2017. Methods of analysis have been published 2019 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (Duddeck DU, Albrektsson T, Wennerberg A, Beuer F. On the Cleanliness of Different Oral Implant Systems: A Pilot Study. J Clin Med. 2019;8(9)). Both papers are available as PDF documents for download at the Foundation’s homepage.

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