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Curaprox – Aligner Foam




Meet the product that protects your smile like a guardian angel

The Curaprox brand, known for its premium, effective and gentle products, continues to lead the industry with the introduction of its latest innovation: the Aligner Foam. All Curaprox products follow the principles of being appealing, accepted, effective and safe. The new mouth foam continues this legacy, providing comprehensive care during orthodontic treatment and addressing all oral care needs. 

Orthodontic devices often promote bacterial growth and demineralidation, compromising the natural protective properties of saliva. Our groundbreaking foam addresses these issues by protecting and remineralizing teeth with natural minerals, leaving the mouth feeling silky smooth and forming a moisturising, protective film. 

The innovative formula of the Aligner Foam relies on five key ingredients: hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid, magnolol, enzymes, and CCP active combination, including Citrox, polylysine and cyclodextrin. Moreover, the formula is lactose-free, making it suitable for a wide range of users, while its portable design ensures convenience and being travel-friendly. 

Curaprox's new mouth foam represents a significant advancement in oral care technology, providing comprehensive protection and care during all orthodontic treatments while addressing various oral health concerns. What's more, the Aligner Foam is not only for use during treatment, it can also be used for daily care. It offers a range of benefits, including naturally remineralizing and protecting teeth, fighting plaque, maintaining healthy gums, combating bad breath, moisturising the tooth surface, and providing antibacterial properties.   

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