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Dentsply Sirona

Fast, functional aesthetic solution for anterior tooth trauma

January 09, 2019

CEREC and oral surgery? In times when patients go to a practice to receive complete, aesthetic, state-of-the-art treatment as quickly as possible, I think they go together very well. I did not always think so. Certainly, CEREC was always interesting; I have used it since 2003, but I did not always find the results convincing. In 2014, I had a closer look at an event in Salzburg, Austria, and learnt two things: the system had been further developed, and in particular, the precision had been improved considerably. It fits well in my practice; I use it almost every day because I have many patients who have busy jobs and do not have much time. I experience a great workflow in the practice that gives me maximum flexibility. Depending on the indication and the patient’s wishes, I can decide whether to make the restoration myself or outsource it to a laboratory, which I often do for more elaborate bridges. Then, I send the scan directly to my partner laboratory via Sirona Connect—that is very reliable.

Digitising your implant practice

May 03, 2018

Undoubtedly, digital dentistry is the current topic. Over the last five years, the entire digital workflow has progressed in leaps and bounds. There are so many different digital applications that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the advances. Many dentists are excited about the advantages of new technologies, but there are an equal number who doubt that the improved clinical workflow justifies the expense.

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