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Dentsply Sirona – ANKYLOS


The ANKYLOS TissueCare Concept – Attractive long-term success rate

Solid, stable and reliable for over 25 years: ANKYLOS C/X is the solution for all clinical indications – with its predictable, natural esthetics and top mechanical stability. The tapered connection is designed for initial and long-term tissue stability. The extremely accurate TissueCare Connection has virtually no micromovement and is almost totally bacteria-proof. And it is also keyed and friction-locked – to prevent bone resorption and to ensure stable and healthy hard and soft tissue.

New perspectives - Predictable tissue stability

Stable, predictable results for you and your patients? DENTSPLY Implants ANKYLOS C/X offer: The unique tapered TissueCare Connection transfers the transition between implant and abutment to the center of the implant and prevents mechanical influences on it and microbial attack on the peri-implant tissue. It provides additional space on the implant shoulder for the surrounding soft tissue. In combination with subcrestal placement and the microstructured implant it enables deposition of bone cells up to the abutment – for additional support of the overlying soft tissue. Ideal conditions for lasting red-white esthetics.

ANKYLOS – freedom to select the right abutment after surgery

Ease of use with maximum functionality and esthetically demanding results? The new ANKYLOS C/X placement system enables accurate positioning of implants with a view of the implant shoulder even with subcrestal placement. The progressive thread design makes it easy to screw the implants into position and enhances tissue retention. The keyed and friction-locked TissueCare Connection makes surgery and prosthetics completely independent from each other. And with only one diameter for all prosthetic components any abutment can be combined with any implant as desired – now with the option of indexing. For a brilliant result over the long term and economical treatment combined with lower storage requirements.