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FenderMate offers a fast, safe and predictable means of establishing a composite restoration. The pre-curved, one-piece sectional matrix and wedge provides for quick composite restorations, with a tight contact and cervical sealing. Final shaping and polishing is only required on the easily accessable lingual and buccal surfaces, while the cervical sealing remains intact. FenderMate is indicated for small to medium Class II composite fillings, which account for more than half of all Class II fillings.

FenderWedge by Directa

FenderWedge protects tooth and gingiva during Class II preparations

ProphyCare Prophy Cup by Directa

Optimal cleaning, superior paste holding

SpotIt by Directa

C&B contact finder

FenderMate by Directa

FenderMate protects tooth and gingiva during Class II preparations

PractiPal by Directa

Do not compromise on predictable cleaning

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