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(EN) FenderMate D-Coat | Say goodbye to matrix rings!

FenderMate D-Coat is a new addition to the FenderMate series.

(EN) FenderMate D-Coat | The one-piece matrix.

FenderMate D-Coat is a new addition to the FenderMate series.

(EN) Physics Forceps | My “guardian angel” With Dr. Alexandros Manolakis

Dr. Alexandros Manolakis is a dentist from Thessaloniki, Greece. He is a general practitioner specialized in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry

DirectaDentalGroup – CALAJECT

An introduction to the computer assisted local analgesia device. The CALAJECT can benefit both dentists and patients alike. Reducing the pain experience with dental injections, our CALAJECT can help patients feel less afraid and more comfortable, and ease the work for the dentist.

Sendoline reciprocating, single file, endodontic system – S1 System – English

Reciprocating, single file system for modern endodontics. S1 Contra-angle handpiece, no need for an external motor or to charge any batteries, easy conntection directly to your dental unit. All S1 instruments come pre-sterile blister packed, ready to use. Make your root canal treatments easy, safe and time saving

Predicta Bioactive Bulk – Inside Dentistry Product Talk (December 2020)

Jason Olitsky, DMD and Mike DiTolla, DDS discuss the characteristics of Parkell's Predicta Bioactive Bulk material and how it can be used to benefit and enhance your practice.

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