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Three-dimensional views for reliable diagnostics: VistaVox S radiographic unit Dürr Dental presents new radiographic unit. (Photograph: Julia Maciejek, DTI)
Dürr Dental presents new radiographic unit. (Photograph: Julia Maciejek, DTI)

Three-dimensional views for reliable diagnostics: VistaVox S radiographic unit

March 23, 2017

COLOGNE, Germany: During its press conference on 21 March, Dürr Dental presented its latest radiographic device: VistaVox S. The new 3-D system meets the demands of the daily dental routine and its applications include implant placement and the treatment of root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia and dysplasia. Its precision is crucial for diagnostic dependability, according to Dürr.

The company from Bietigheim-Bissingen in Germany has developed an innovative means of obtaining extremely sharp CBCT and panoramic images, for use by implantologists, oral surgeons and general dentists alike. With VistaVox S, the field of view is jaw-shaped, allowing capture of the complete mouth area, including the third molars, with reduced radiation exposure. Owing to the anatomically adapted volume, the radiation dose of an extensive 3-D image captured with VistaVox S is lower than that of a 2-D image of a single tooth captured with conventional devices.

Furthermore, the handling and navigation of the device are exceptionally intuitive and wrong interpretations of diagnostics are not possible, according to the company. The new 3-D radiographic unit can also be used for root canal therapy, paediatric orthodontic treatment, and surgical extraction of teeth without damage to nerves. According to Dürr Dental, the use of 3-D imaging is essential before tooth extraction to ensure accuracy, since 2-D images do not show the fine details of nerves and tissue necessary.

VistaVox S only shows the part being examined. With no irrelevant information on the image, the dentist can focus only on the area of importance and scanning is extremely fast, from 2 to 18 seconds. Dr Marc Metzger, from the University Medical Center in Freiburg in Germany, who was involved in the prototype development, gave the audience a clinical introduction to VistaVox. “This is a huge step in medical imaging,” he said. He explained that, just 24 years ago, the exposition time for radiographs was 25 minutes; now, it is a small fraction of that. “In the near future, we will only be using 3-D instead of 2-D,” Metzger asserted.

In addition to 3-D imaging, VistaVox S captures high-quality 2-D images. “With S-Pan technology, the image regions that best correspond to the actual patient anatomy are automatically selected from a large number of parallel layers.

The tried-and-tested S-Pan technology, which allows accurate panoramic images, is supported by 17 panoramic programmes, providing dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics that do not cost a fortune. The VistaVox S 3-D radiographic system has been trialled in practices since autumn last year.

Dürr Dental’s goal is to help clinicians obtain the best image possible, in order to treat patients according to their needs with diagnostic reliability and accurate treatment planning. “We consider ourselves a manufacturer of premium products,” said CEO Martin Dürrstein during the press conference.

Visitors to IDS can view Dürr Dental’s latest radiographic device at the company’s booth (E030–F039) in Hall 10.1.

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