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On 27 June, Osstem Implant will be holding its final day of its global virtual dental conference, combined with the COVID-19 solidarity fundraising campaign #VoiceOfTogether. (Video: Osstem Europe/YouTube)

#VoiceOfTogether: COVID-19 solidarity fundraising campaign launched successfully

By Osstem Europe
June 25, 2020

ESCHBORN, Germany: Osstem Meeting Online, a global virtual dental conference series launched in April, will present its grand finale on 27 June, for which attendees from over 60 countries are already registered. The symposium will feature live participation and a global fundraising campaign under the hashtag #VoiceOfTogether.

Dental conference towards solidarity

The first virtual dental conference of Osstem Implant, Osstem Meeting Online features advanced live surgeries and seminars by world-renowned experts via its own digital platform, facilitating the digital transition of dental professionals worldwide and offering them opportunities for networking. This month, the conference culminates in a global solidarity fundraising campaign.

As part of the Osstem Meeting Online, Osstem Implant, the speakers and the attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the #VoiceOfTogether fundraising campaign. The campaign honours healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines battling the coronavirus.

“This virtual dental conference, combined with the COVID-19 solidarity campaign, will not only be an opportunity to thank all medical workers around the globe who are devoting their time and energy battling the COVID-19 crisis; it will also be a groundbreaking chance for dental professionals to experience innovative solidarity,” said Sang Jun Park, managing director of Osstem Implant’s European headquarters.

Shaping global cultural movements beyond dentistry

Adding more voices to #DentistsTogether, a collective initiative of dentists that has grown into a social movement during the COVID-19 outbreak, the full sum of the monies collected will be donated to a COVID-19 project being run by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, an international non-profit organisation established by Italian music icon Andrea Bocelli. The project funds will be employed to develop digital resources and equipment for the education of children.

The #VoiceOfTogether campaign has already achieved the original target of €10,000 through donations by Osstem Europe and speaker Dr Marco Tallarico. The campaign is now embarking on a second phase to raise an additional €10,000.

Anyone can join and donate to the project on the GoFundMe platform.

More information about the final session of the conference, which will be held on 27 June at 10–12 a.m. CEST, and registration can be found here.

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