FKG Dentaire – TotalFill BC RRM

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FKG Dentaire – TotalFill BC RRM


The RRM is highly resistant to washout and ideal for all types of root repair and pulp capping treatments. Easy to handle, robust and with a shortened set time (only 20 min for the Fast Set Putty), it is also highly biocompatible and osteogenic.

TotalFill BC RRM products are available in three consistencies, to suit your requirements: injectable paste (TotalFill BC RRM Paste), putty (TotalFill BC RRM Putty) or malleable putty (TotalFill BC RRM Fast Set Putty).

TotalFill BC RRM Paste is dedicated both to treating perforations and resorptions, as well as pulp capping. The objective is to provide a perfectly impermeable seal and enable tissue regeneration. BC RRM Paste is present in the form of low-viscosity premixed injectable paste and is packed in 1.5 g syringes.

TotalFill BC RRM Putty is dedicated to apexification and retrofilling. The main objective is to create a long-lasting apical barrier and tissue regeneration. TotalFill BC RRM Putty comes in the form of premixed condensible putty. Its consistency is slightly thicker and more malleable than TotalFill BC RRM Paste. This product is packed in 2.5 g jar.

TotalFill BC RRM Fast Set Putty is a derivative of TotalFill BC RRM Putty. It has the same properties, but its chemical composition differs slightly, which enables it to harden in a record time: just 20 minutes. It is ready to use and packed in 0.3 g Sanidose syringes.


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