FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence

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FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence


The XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence, solves a common problem for dentists: how to treat complex root canal systems without causing damage to the dentinal structure. FKG combined unique Adaptive Core™ technology with 3D design to create instruments that can easily adapt to the canal anatomy to clean once impossible-to-reach areas. The result is enhanced debris removal and irrigation for a more gentle, conservative treatment compared to instrumentation using traditional NiTi files.

The patented MaxWire alloy reacts to the body’s temperature, making the tools highly flexible compared to instruments of the same final size. A small, free-floating adaptive core designed in 3D allows the instruments to expand and progress with agility along the canal while resisting to cyclic fatigue.

  • The XP-endo Shaper performs 3D debridement of the canal while respecting its natural shape.
  • The XP-endo Finisher achieves 3D cleaning and biofilm removal, including in areas impossible to reach with traditional files.
  • The instruments are delivered in a sterile blister pack destined for single patient use, thus maximising safety.

With the XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence, dentists have the most advanced Swiss precision tools at their fingertips to perform a complete, minimally invasive root canal instrumentation.


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