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FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Shaper



The XP-endo Shaper is the latest addition to the XP-endo range. It is a truly innovative shaping instrument which can be used to radically simplify endodontic sequences.

The need for 3D canal cleaning and the emphasis placed on less invasive treatments have increased in recent years. FKG is meeting this demand with the creation and release of the XP-endo Shaper.

The MaxWire and Booster Tip technologies combine to make the XP-endo Shaper a « One File Shaper ».

It has the ability to start shaping at ISO diameter 15 and to achieve ISO diameter 30, but also to increase the taper from .01 to at least .04. It allows to reach a canal shaping of minimum 30/.04 and this with only one instrument.

The XP-endo Shaper is the instrument of choice for the treatment of the vast majority of canals.