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Geass way Venezia

The implant with the external hexagonal connection and Synthegra laser surface to manage agilely major rehabilitations.

Geass way Roma

The transmucous implant with Synthegra laser surface with which to manage the specifics of distal sectors.

Geass omny

Omny dental implant has been designed to facilitate dentists answering the growing requirements of patients.

Geass way Short

The transmucous short implant with Synthegra laser surface to treat cases with reduced bone height in a simple fashion.

Geass way Slim

Way Slim is the implant with Synthegra laser surface to treat cases characterized by restricted anatomical spaces, like lower incisors and upper laterals, thanks to the 3 mm diameter, a feature that makes it unique.

Geass way Extra

Way Extra, the post extractive dental implant for immediate loading, has been designed for contemporaneous placement of the implant.

Geass way Milano

The implant for easthetic dentistry with conical internal connection, platform switching and Synthegra laser surface.

Geass Synthegra

Synthegra: laser surface treatment

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