Ivoclar – Efficient Esthetics Test Kit

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Ivoclar – Efficient Esthetics Test Kit


Save valuable time during appointments.

While I had to schedule 45 minutes for an MOD filling in the past, I only need 30 minutes today for this type of restoration in the same high quality and esthetics – thanks to Tetric PowerFill, Adhese Universal and the short polymerization times provided by Bluephase PowerCure, amongst other things.
Dr Petr Hajný, Prague, Czech Republic

3 instead of 2 patients in the same amount of time without compromises in quality

An array of modern products now help you increase the efficiency and quality of your esthetic restorations.
Time scheduled for conventional and efficiency-optimised treatment protocols to place Class II MOD restorations
Source: "A fast and comfortable way of restoring teeth", Special Feature, Ivoclar Vivadent