Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL REPAIR

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Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL REPAIR


CLEARFIL REPAIR is an universal adhesive system which can be used in many ways and which enables the repair of all tooth related fractures within only minutes.

The system has been specifically developed for all direct bonding procedures in dental practice, irrespective of whether the materials being treated are tooth structure, ceramic, hybrid ceramics, metal, or composite. The kit contains five innovative components of high quality: the tried

and proven self-etching bonding system CLEARFIL SE BOND, the metal primer ALLOY PRIMER which makes additional tin-plating superfluous, the silane coupling agent CLEARFIL PORCELAIN BOND ACTIVATOR, the CLEARFIL ST OPAQUER, the etching gel K-ETCHANT GEL with 40% phosphoric acid, and accessories.


  • Multifunctional kit
  • High bond strength to ceramic, hybrid ceramic and composite resin restorations
  • Enables direct repairs in a few minutes
  • Includes self-etching CLEARFIL SE BOND
  • Contains the adhesion monomer MDP


  • Intraoral repairs of fractured ceramic or composite veneers/bridges
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured all ceramics restorations
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured ceramic and composite inlays/onlays and/or exposed root surfaces