Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Zirconia HTML Plus

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Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Zirconia HTML Plus


Characterized by the use of unique raw materials that correspond to high speed sintering, improved translucency without compromising strength. This innovative material will truly empower your dental lab.

A high flexural strength is the most important precondition for the production of long-span bridges. With a strength of 1,150 MPa, KATANA Zirconia HTML PLUS offers the required property, and it offers it throughout the whole blank.

Due to the use of improved raw materials developed inhouse, the material also offers a higher translucency than its predecessor HTML as well as a brighter, deeper and more vivid color for a better shade match with natural teeth. The result is a reliable framework or monolithic bridge with a beautiful shape and color fitting the patient’s natural dentition.


  • Long span restorations
  • Frameworks in classical and cut-back design

Features & Benefits:

  • Highest Strength*
    Suitable for a variety of cases within minimum thickness. You may choose a monolithic, cut back or framework design with the appropriate fabrication procedure.
    *Highest strength of ”KATANA Zirconia” series
  • Simple aesthetics and handling
    The seamless multi-layered technology eliminates visible transition lines and optimizes layer balance for improved natural color. Ensures a simplified, time-saving procedure
  • Fast processing
    Re-make and rush cases? No problem. High-speed sintering (54-minute) offers completely new possibilities. Finish the work easily within one day.
  • Excellent quality
    The fitting accuracy of restorations after the final sintering process reduces remanufacturing risk. No waste of time and materials.