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LM-Dental introduces sharpen-free prophylaxis and periodontics with Sharp Diamond scaler

Mika Uusi-Seppälä, Export Sales Specialist at LM-Dental, poses next to a collection of Sharp Diamond scalers at the LM-Dental booth at EuroPerio9. (Image: DTI)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 21. June 2018


PARGAS, Finland: Razor-sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light: dental equipment manufacturer LM-Dental’s sharpen-free Sharp Diamond instruments offer benefits for both the dental professional and the patient, according to the company. The instruments are made from a durable metal alloy, while their wear resistance is enhanced by a micro-membrane coating produced with physical vapour deposition technology.

With their ergonomically designed LM-ErgoSense handles, Sharp Diamond instruments offer controlled grip and comfort. They combine superior sharpness and tactile sensitivity and are well suited for all forms of scaling. Especially designed for clinicians who use hand instruments frequently and want to minimise maintenance, Sharp Diamond instruments retain their original functionality, size and shape throughout their lifetimes. A selection of Gracey curettes, universal curettes and scalers are available in the sharpen-free Sharp Diamond instrument range.

The company’s new sickle scaler LM-SharpJack features an extra-long and -thin blade for convenient interproximal access, boasting the most popular scaler design in the US. The shank is optimally angled to universally adapt in anterior and posterior regions. Also, the LM-SharpJack is very narrow, allowing access to the smallest areas, and with its long tip, the clinician can even reach in between molars.

LM-Dental is promoting the launch of LM-SharpJack with a charity campaign. In recognition of the association between poor dental health and Alzheimer’s disease, LM is seeking to raise awareness of the condition by donating funds from every LM-SharpJack sold to Alzheimer’s research. More information about Sharp Diamond instruments and the charity campaign can be found on its website.

From 20 to 23 June, LM-Dental is participating in EuroPerio9 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and visitors can find the company at Booth 11.03A.

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