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MIS Implants Technologies


MIS Implants Technologies is at the forefront of developing and producing innovative products and solutions aimed at simplifying implant dentistry. MIS produces an extensive range of high-quality dental implants, prosthetics, regenerative dental solutions and digital dentistry innovations.

MIS – C1 Implant System – The Connection for Reliable Biology

The C1 implant is a powerful player in the MIS conical connection implant fleet and offers a versatile solution for all clinical indications.

MIS – SEVEN Implants

The biological stability and predictable esthetics of the SEVEN, combined with an extensive research and development process have given the SEVEN a potential advantage in soft tissue preservation and growth as well as an array of restorative benefits.

MIS – MGUIDE – Advanced Personalized Digital Dentistry

MGUIDE is the industry’s most advanced, yet simple solution for guided surgery. The 3D printed template is designed to enhance accuracy, with an open-frame for maximum visibility and irrigation, and accessibility from all angles without the need for removal. Raised flap surgery can also be more easily performed. The template is constructed from a strong, durable and biocompatible material. The MGUIDE surgical set is comprised of tools and instruments specially engineered to optimize the guided implant placement procedure.

MIS – V3 Implant System

The V3 is a groundbreaking, innovative and sophisticated solution. It was invented by doctors for doctors and was designed for potentially optimizing esthetic procedures through tissue preservation and growth.

MIS – MULTIFIX—Fixed restoration for atrophic ridges

MIS MULTIFIX allows for a comprehensive treatment plan for edentulous patients, of full-arch immediate restoration, using Multi-Unit abutments on just four implants.


The MIS CONNECT is a stay-in abutment system which enables avoiding interference of the peri-implant gingival seal.It offers doctors the ability to maximize the tissue-level restoration concept, enabling the entire prosthetic procedure and restoration to occur far from the bone, and at any level of the connective tissue.

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