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MIS – M4 Implants

MIS M4 Implants combine the benefits of calindrical and conical implant designs, aiming to achieve excellent primary stability in ebery clinical scenario. The two main features of M4 Implants are: Self-tapping, V shaped thread design with three spiral channels - allowing smooth insertion even in type 1 bone conditions. A flat, cutting, tappered apex - enabling instant grip into bone in immediate placement procedures.

  • Semi-conical shape with V-shaped threads
    The implant body and thread shape is designed for mild bone compression while achieving maximum initial and long-term stability.
  • Dual thread
    A dual thread design enhances placement procedure while being gentle to the surrounding bone. The overall insertion rate of M4 is 1.6mm per revolution.
  • Surface treatment
    The surface roughness and micro-morphology is a achieved by a combination of sand blasting and acid etching. MIS’ established surface technology has provided millions of patients and clinicians with excellent osseointegration results and long lasting clinical success.




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