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MIS – MULTIFIX—Fixed restoration for atrophic ridges

Proven solution for edentulous patients, offering same-day restoration of a full smile

MIS MULTIFIX from MIS Implants Technologies allows for a comprehensive treatment plan for edentulous patients, offering full-arch immediate restoration using multi-unit abutments on just four implants. This greatly reduces patient treatment time and alleviates the need for multiple visits.

With steadily rising life expectancy, the percentage of failing dentures is increasing as well. People now spend a longer portion of their adult life partly edentate or completely edentulous. With dentures providing only a partial solution and leading to bone resorption, the MIS MULTIFIX solution has been a life-changing treatment for many patients and has provided dentists with a powerful tool, making their work simpler, more predictable and more effective.

Dr Pedro Rodrigues, a surgeon and lecturer practising in Porto in Portugal, has been using MULTIFIX since its release in 2014. He is enthusiastic about the results he has achieved: “In no other procedure in my clinical practice is the increase in quality of life as evident as in this restoration on four implants. Patients come into my office with poorly made and maladjusted prostheses or with aesthetically and functionally compromised (soon-to-be edentulous) teeth and leave the same day of surgery with fixed, natural-looking teeth.”

Rodrigues’s patients who have undergone the MULTIFIX procedure report an improved quality of life, a regain of their social confidence, and improved function and overall appearance. For such patients who are completely or very nearly edentulous, the greatest advantage is the time and discomfort saved. Procedures, which may have taken months to complete and included complicated surgery and bone grafting, have now been simplified and optimised, enabling a full-arch prosthesis to be seated on four implants on the same day of placement.

Rodrigues further explained how the MIS MULTIFIX solution reduces both treatment complexity and the need for bone augmentation by tilting the posterior implants, thereby avoiding the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures.

Additionally, the straight and 30° angulated multi-unit abutments allow for optimal distribution of force owing to the unique insertion tool of the angulated units and the high stability that is achieved by the longer implants and posterior angulated placement of them.

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