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Bone splitting technique

Dr. Dima Cosmin

Bone splitting technique

The course will focus on minimally invasive surgery using bone splitting techniques.

In a society where patients want to have the most un-invasive treatments even in surgical interventions, small details make a big difference and piezo surgery could help us a lot. There is a general consensus in implant dentistry that a minimal amount of bone is necessary at implant surgery. A minimum of 7-8 mm bone width is required for placement of an implant with a diameter of 3.5-4mm. To achieve a predictable treatment outcome, the presence of a bone width of at least 2mm is required on both buccal and lingual sides of the implant. Bone-splitting is one of the best techniques for conservative surgical treatments, which can help to conserve patients’ bone in narrow ridges, and insert implants simultaneously; thus significantly shortening the treatment time. The participants will be able to understand the bone splitting technique, to learn how and when to do it and when not to do it. Perhaps most importantly, they will learn how to end up with beautiful and safe results even in very difficult clinical cases

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