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Esthetics around implants – new techniques!

Dr. Dima Cosmin

Esthetics around implants – new techniques!

The health of peri-implant tissues plays an important role in the long term outcome of dental implants. The absence of keratinized gingiva (KG) may be a risk factor for developing recession or peri-implantitis.

Among the various soft tissue augmentation techniques; apically repositioned flap, free gingival grafts (FGG) and connective tissue grafts (CTG) are documented as the most predictable methods to increase the width of KG. Autogenous grafts increase the soft tissue thickness and improve aesthetics compared to non-grafted sites. But all these techniques involve harvesting the graft by opening another wound. The “Snake technique“, described by Dr. Cosmin, is the only technique which has the advantage of only one wound, but at the same time offers the best results in the same time-frame, as the other well-known techniques mentioned above. The presentation will detail how the technique should be used, the factors which make the surgical intervention a success, and also any possible complications and their resolutions.

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