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Perio Implant in Aesthetic Zone – Copying Nature from the biological concepts to the digital workflow

The main objective of this presentation is to show how perio plastic surgery, combined with implant or natural tooth restoration, may improve aesthetic results in complex cases, using a predictable and simple digital workflow to achieve better results for the patient.

Currently, aesthetic rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary interaction, which is becoming increasingly intense. Separating specialties leads to inadequate treatment, and often, patient dissatisfaction with the end result. Digital workflow, along with a focus on the pink and white aesthetic, is a big key in reaching predictability and success in aesthetic rehabilitations. Development of aesthetic restoration requires a careful, thorough and concise team approach. The correct design of gingival margin will significantly affect the overall appearance of the restorations, and the development of scalloped interdental papillae is equally paramount to restorative success. Tooth morphology may only be re-established in a natural way when the soft tissue is compatible with the aesthetic principle. Therefore, periodontics is a very important and indispensable tool to achieving excellence, when combining both pink and white aesthetic.

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