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Nobel Biocare – NobelZygoma


The implant for severe resorption in maxillary bone

Discover NobelZygoma, the ideal implant system for an immediate loading protocol with graftless treatment that also offers a broad choice of temporary prosthetic options. This dramatically shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction.

NobelZygoma 45°

Now you can choose from an extended range of implant lengths. The surgical and prosthetic components remain the same as for the Brånemark System Zygoma.

NobelZygoma 0°

Benefit from a straight implant head and a mount-free insertion, allowing greater flexibility during implant placement. Enjoy prosthetic versatility with the new 45° and 60° Multi-unit Abutments as well as compatibility with Brånemark System prosthetic components.

Graftless treatment solution

Avoid complex bone-grafting procedures with NobelZygoma implants, which anchor in the zygomatic bone.

25 years of success with the Nobel Biocare zygomatic implants

Building on 25 years of success with the Nobel Biocare zygomatic implants the new NobelZygoma implants also provide alternative treatment options for severe maxillary resorption without bone grafting.

Remarkable survival rates

Zygomatic implants not only avoid complex bone-grafting procedures, they also show remarkable survival rates. A long-term study shows an average implant CSR of 95.12% after 10 years.

High primary stability for Immediate Function

Provide patients with a fixed provisional prosthesis immediately after surgery. Multi-cortical anchorage and the proven apex design allow for high primary stability.

Greater surgical and prosthetic flexibility

Benefit from the new implant body design, with lengths ranging from 30 mm to 52.5 mm, a straight neck or 45°angulation and either a 3.9 mm or 5 mm implant diameter.

Plan with NobelClinician

Plan NobelZygoma implant placement with NobelClinician and benefit from enhanced diagnostics, treatment planning, team collaboration and patient communication in one comprehensive application.


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