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Nobel Biocare – Xeal & TiUltra


Welcome to the Mucointegration era. Surface chemistry cells can’t resist.

Synergy of surfaces

Introducing Xeal and TiUltra – two breakthrough surfaces derived from our decades of applied anodization expertise. From abutment to implant apex, we have reimagined surface chemistry and topography to optimize tissue integration at every level.

Xeal – The pioneering Mucointegration surface

Tissue integration begins here. Dense soft-tissue contact with an abutment can act as a barrier that protects the underlying bone. This is the basis for long-term tissue health and stability.

  • Xeal is a pioneering surface for soft-tissue integration
    It is a smooth non-porous, nanostructured and anodized surface and possesses surface chemistry and topography that are specially designed to promote soft-tissue attachment.
  • Golden color for natural appearance
    The distinctive golden color occurs naturally during the manufacturing process. The hue also presents a natural appearance in the transmucosal zone.
  • Surface technologies
    Roughness, porosity and surface chemistry are important factors for tissue integration. Especially surface chemistry plays a vital role in enhancing cell attachment.

TiUltra – More than roughness

Ideal tissue integration isn’t just about surface roughness, it’s about how every surface reacts with the tissue around it. TiUltra is an ultra-hydrophilic, multizone, anodized implant surface with a gradual topography from collar to apex.

TiUltra features a gradual change in topography, becoming moderately rough and porous towards the implant apex.

Minimally rough collar

At collar level, the TiUltra surface is minimally rough, non-porous and nanostructured. Its golden hue is a happy byproduct of the specific oxide thickness achieved during anodization.
Collar designed for bone stability
TiUltra applied in the collar region features surface chemistry and topography that promote early osseointegration and are designed to support bone stability.

Pristine surface

The surface chemistry and hydrophilicity of both Xeal and TiUltra is preserved with the Protective Layer. This ensures that every implant and abutment arrives in pristine condition – to you and to your patients.


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