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Nobel Biocare – NobelProcera restorations

Reliable partner with over 30 years of CAD/CAM production experience. We are here to help you build a reputation with your restorations.

Achieve excellent results with authentic restorations

Partner with a leader in precision engineering and manufacturing of customized dental prosthetics to meet your business needs. The precise fit between abutment, implant and screw combined with quality manufacturing helps to avoid system or component failure.1-3 All NobelProcera implant-based components are engineered as part of a whole system, not individual parts.

100% cement-free, screw retained implant bridges

NobelProcera implant bridges combine strength and esthetics with the ability to place a screw-access hole to achieve optimized esthetics and excellent occlusal fit. All implant bridges are available in full-contour and partial cut-back.

Customized abutments

Creating titanium or zirconia abutments with NobelProcera allows customization and restorative flexibility. Abutments are available with 100% cement free and angulated screw channel solutions.

Fixed and fixed-removable implant bars

NobelProcera implant bars provide stability and comfort for patients. The broad range of fixed and fixed-removable implant bars fit a wide variety of clinical situations and attachments.
  • Peace of mind with our extensive warranty
  • Our products demonstrate high precision of fit,5,6mechanical stability7 and provide years of safe and reliable performance.8-10
  • High-precision production just a click away


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