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Nobel Biocare – Rescue instrumentation

Solutions for every situation. A complete retrieval portfolio.

Broad assortment for a variety of rescue procedures

The retrieval instrumentation assortment consists of implant retrieval, abutment screw retrieval and abutment retrieval instruments for performing safe, efficient rescue procedures for Nobel Biocare implants and implant based restorations.

Excellent functionality

Our rescue kits provide the necessary tools, color-coded for easy identification, to help you retrieve Nobel Biocare implants and implant-based restorations. Our tools are easy to use and specially designed for a variety of rescue procedures to help you treat patients when things go wrong.


  • Implant retrieval
    The Implant Retrieval Instrument is designed precisely for this scenario, regardless whether it’s due to implant fracture, a damaged connection or strong osseointegration. For more difficult cases, Trephine Drills are available.
  • Abutment retrieval
    Removal of an abutment is straightforward with the Abutment Release Pin. For titanium and zirconia restorations, including the NobelProcera ASC Abutment and the FCZ Implant Crown, removal is simplified with a range of dedicated abutment retrieval instruments.
  • Abutment/clinical screw removal
    In the event that an abutment screw breaks, there’s an effective solution, even when part of the screw remains in the screw channel. While the Abutment Screw Remover will resolve the majority of such instances efficiently, Reverse Drills and Abutment Retrieval Instruments enable retrieval in more complex cases.


Rescue instrumentation Instructions For Use

Important information and step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the retrieval procedures from start to finish.

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