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Planmeca Sovereign Classic


Our flagship dental unit model offers unmatched attention to detail.

Planmeca Sovereign Classic – Give your patients the royal treatment

Our exquisite Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental unit is a combination of intelligent engineering, breakthrough technology and distinctive design. This highly adaptable unit is an ideal choice for the needs of special dentistry. It helps you ensure that your patients always receive the best possible care.

Clever design details

Due to its compact and slim cuspidor, Planmeca Sovereign Classic can fit any treatment room. The unit’s user-centred design offers unparalleled ease of use for both you and your assistant, with the small cuspidor base guaranteeing maximal legroom. The tilting chair helps keep your patient optimally positioned during the entire treatment session.

Intelligent infection control

Planmeca Sovereign Classic offers the most advanced infection control systems available. Everything you need for your infection control routines is neatly organised into logical compartments – making your workflow fluent and straightforward at all times.

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Customisable and easy to use

Planmeca Sovereign Classic has an intuitive, multilingual touch screen that allows you to customise and store your settings. They can also be accessed quickly with a flash of a card. Plug your preferred instruments to the dental unit’s 6-position instrument console in the order you want and use them easily from day one.

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Flexible positioning

The dental unit's left/right swivel function allows it to be effortlessly adjusted for specialist procedures – such as CAD/CAM dentistry, implantology, laser treatments, prosthodontics or even anesthesia. The swivel function also means that the same unit can be used naturally by both left and right-handed users.

Comfortable upholsteries

Our patient chair upholsteries are so relaxing that it is not uncommon for patients to get sleepy during longer treatments. Appropriately named Comfy™ and Ultra Relax™, both our upholstery options are made of comfortable materials and come in a wide range of stylish colours.

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Clinic efficiency software

Connect your Planmeca Sovereign Classic unit to our clinic efficiency software to open up unprecedented possibilities for quality assurance, maintenance and data collection. Optimise your daily operations and base evaluations on actual usage statistics!

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