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Produits Dentaires – MAP One

Endodontic obturations and repairs made simple

The MAP System provides a unique and efficient method for precisely placing MTA by orthograde or retrograde approaches. This professional system is smart and considered the product of choice for perforation, rootend filling, pulp-capping and retro-obturation therapies. The NiTi Memory Shape Needle N° 1 available with MAP One can be manually shaped and adjusts easily to the shape of the root canal for effective placement of mineral trioxide aggregate repair material. The NiTi Memory Shape Needle is by design universal and ideal for both orthograde and retrograde therapies. In combination with PD™ MTA White, the exclusive mineral trioxide aggregate cement developed to be placed with the MAP

Features and benefits

  • Solution for simple, precise and predictable MTA placement
  • Extremely high-quality level of material and manufacturing process
  • Cost effective method

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