“Endodontics is more artisan”

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“Endodontics is more artisan”

Prof. Gianluca Gambarini is a major name at the 2022 ROOTS SUMMIT, offering both a hands-on-course and presentation during the event. (Image: DTI)

The wait for ROOTS SUMMIT is over, and attendees are already raving over the presentations and hands-on courses. Dental Tribune International is on-site to catch up with speakers and share their excitement for the scientific advancements they are presenting. Prof. Gianluca Gambarini from Italy was kind enough to offer his motivation behind the hands-on course he gave, titled “Simplified, rationally invasive preparation technique with martensitic NiTi instruments”.

Prof. Gambarini, what makes it exciting for you to be able to present here at ROOTS SUMMIT?
I am so happy to travel again and to meet people since the pandemic started. That is probably the most important thing. Traditionally, this congress has been a great place to meet friends, high-quality dentists and those eager to learn more about endodontics.

What about your hands-on course? What do you hope that participants were most excited to learn about?
I presented new instruments based on a novel technology. I think there’s a lot of interest nowadays in endodontics, and that is good for those of us who have spent our lives teaching. My main goal with this hands-on course was to make things simpler and easy to perform for general practitioners, because for many years endodontics has been a difficult specialty.

For someone who has just left dental school and is just starting in the field, why should he or she specialise? Why should such a dentist choose to pursue endodontics?
Personally, I love technology and the advantages offered by digital dentistry and artificial intelligence, but endodontics is more artisan and does not involve as much work that can be digitalised. It relies more on practitioner skill and knowledge, and that makes endo quite unique. I think everyone can perform endodontics, but he or she needs to receive some instruction and to have some interest in developing these skills.

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For more information on ROOTS SUMMIT, please visit www.roots-summit.com.

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