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Why online and social media marketing is important for dentists

By Nadja Preiß, HubSpider
July 27, 2015

The importance of digital marketing is increasing every day. Around 3.6 billion people are connected to the Internet on their phones. In Europe, the density of mobile users and social media users is incredibly high―many prospective customers for dentists. Dental practices can target this group by using digital marketing to their advantage.

Successful digital marketing has many components: one is a fully functional and user-friendly website, and another is a highly optimised ranking of the website in search engines. Through social media marketing, dental practices can establish consistent branding and longlasting customer relationships.

Many people rely on online reviews and recommendations when deciding on which dental practice or dentist to visit. With a good online marketing strategy, it is easy to ensure your practice is found by people searching for local shops and businesses. Having a visible website that ranks high in search engines is one thing, but imagine prospective patients finding your practice through positive reviews―there is no better form of advertising.

Responsive websites for mobile users

Prospective patients use their smartphones or tablets to look up dental practices, so the clinic’s website must be responsive, that is, able to adapt to all screen sizes. In addition, the website must be easy to navigate and use.

Dental practices need to update their websites to a modern and easy-to-navigate design. Appealing photographs and short, descriptive texts invite existing patients to stay and give new patients a positive impression.

Social media to foster relationships

Patients will not forget a dental practice if they are connected to them on social media. They can read other patients’ reviews, can speak about their fears and experiences, and will feel that they are in good hands if their dental practice responds and interacts with them.

Social media is a public space and a dental practice that engages with its patients is more likely to appeal to prospective patients as well.

Having a presence on social media serves not only to keep in touch with customers and remind them of the dental practice, but also to attract new patients and give them an inside look at the clinic and its services.

Search engine optimisation helps websites rank higher

However, it is not only a social media presence that brings dentists new patients; search engines do the same job and sometimes even more efficiently. By working with a good online marketing company, the dentist can benefit a great deal at low cost. Search engine optimisation offers a high return on a low investment.

Through search engine optimisation, the dental practice’s website is ranked higher in Google searches, increasing the likelihood that it will be clicked. If the website is appealing and easy to navigate, the dentist will acquire new patients.

A good online marketing strategy can make offline marketing redundant. These are best used together though to achieve better results. However, if a dentist decides on one of the two, digital marketing can be a cost-saving option and attract more clients.

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